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The impressive and often surreal coastline of Milos is not easy to explore by road. Still, you can get to know it through the all-day cruise, which takes place either by private boats and sailboats or by a traditional wooden boat. You will get to know the most hidden caves and secluded beaches. You will dive in cold, crystal clear waters of incredible clarity. The wild landscape of Kleftiko, the sea cave of Sykia without a dome, the sulfur mines, Arkoudes [two rocks at the entrance of the port], the coastal settlements with the caves [Klima, the tiny fishing village Areti], the quiet beach of Agios Konstantinos and two small caves], are some of the most beautiful places you will experience through the beautiful waterways.


The first stop of your visit to the island should be the beautiful capital Plaka, a village at an altitude of 220 m above sea level, with authentic traditional style and magnificent views of the Aegean. The small picturesque alleys, the flower-decorated courtyards, and the traditional shops and cafes compose a puppet image that will magnetize you. At its highest peak and within a few minutes' walk, you can find the Venetian Castle [13th century], a fortified settlement built by the first Duke of Naxos, Marco Sanudo, to offer shelter to the inhabitants during the pirate raids. The most beautiful panorama and sunset are provided by the marble courtyard of Panagia Korfiatissa [1810], the metropolis of the island. On the way to the medieval Venetian Castle, which is uninhabited today, we find the most photographed church of Milos, the Church of Panagia Thalassitra [1839], a patron saint of sailors at the highest peak of the small vaulted church of Panagia Skiniotissa. 


Legend has it that the island of Milos is associated with stories of Saracen pirates, who chose the embossed coastal front with sheltered rock cavities as a haven to rest, sleep, and plan their next raid in the Mediterranean. Sarakiniko and Kleftiko are considered two of the former lairs of famous pirates, as they have hidden caves carved into the cliffs with the fury of the sea and the wind, and where some still believe that the pirates hid their untold treasures. The floating explorations will give you a complete picture of these caves and the opportunity to swim in cold and clear like crystal, turquoise waters.


The sea and the seabed of Milos invite visitors to incredible diving explorations, which are offered by certified diving centers with experienced instructors. The Milos Diving Center in Pollonia organizes exciting excursions in the endless blue and safe diving lessons. Water sports, kayaks, and water bikes are offered at Agia Kyriaki Beach. In the famous and organized beach of Paliochori, you will enjoy Jet Ski, water skiing, Wakeboard, Tubes, pedal boats, SUP (stand up paddleboard), and canoe. From Fyriplaka beach, Milos Watersports organizes sit-on-top kayaking excursions [designed for 2 rowers plus a maximum of one child] to the beaches of Tsigrado [1 km distance] & Gerakas [3.10 km] while you can rent pedal boats, SUP [stand up paddleboard] and dive with special equipment, enjoying incredible dives and unique routes!