• Beach in Milos island. White rocks and crystal blue water.
  • Beach in Milos island. White rocks and crystal blue water.
  • Beach in Milos island. White rocks and crystal blue water.
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The beach of Pollonia is 300 meters away from Domus Litus, and it is going to excite you. The large sandy beach with tamarisk trees & calm, emerald, crystal clear waters is located in a sheltered bay and overlooks the sheltered harbor with fishing boats, small taverns on the beach, the whitewashed church of Agia Paraskevi on the one, and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos on the other side. You will find a small diving center that organizes diving and cruise trips to Milos on the beach. The quiet settlement with the beautiful beach is the perfect holiday environment, combining the pristine natural landscape with peace and authenticity. Nearby, you will enjoy wonderful excursions to explore the coast or visit small traditional villages and fishing villages that will steal your heart away.


[9.7 km from Domus Litus in the northern part of the island]

It stars in postcards and is considered one of the most beautiful places of Milos. The off-white and smooth volcanic rocks, sculpted by the wave, create an almost lunar landscape, with striking contrasts of the white rock of the cliffs and the blue-green sea with the crystal clear, nearly transparent waters. Legend has associated it with the Saracen pirates, who are believed to have been hiding here before each of their new raids.


[32.2 km from Domus Litus at the southwestern tip of the island]

Another point of unreal beauty of Milos, which is also considered as a pirate hideout, due to the peculiarity of the caves and the rocks that surround them. It is a complex of impressive volcanic white rocks and hidden caves, bathed in crystal clear waters. To visit it, choose one of the dozens of excursions made by tourist boats and sailing boats, approaching magical places where visitors enjoy in addition to the landscape and the incredible clarity, crystal clear sea.


[19.4 km from Domus Litus]

A wonderful excursion in the southern part of the island, with easy road access and a minor dirt road, leads to the impressive windless sandy beach of Orange, Firiplaka, between huge and very high rocks with strange colors due to the volcanic rocks. In one part there is a small beach bar with umbrellas & sunbeds, and in the rest the beach is free. The waters are shallow and crystal clear, and the sand is white, with small parts with pebbles and rocks. Guests can rent kayaks and paddleboats to neighboring Tsigrado, just 15 minutes away.


[19.3 km from Domus Litus in the southeastern part of the island]

The exotic beach with the crystal clear waters, the cliffs, and the small sandy beach are well hidden, with difficult access for "strong solvers", as it requires hiking and descent with a wooden hanging ladder through a relatively small opening. The descent is your responsibility as the passage is very narrow and steep. If you are not very adventurous, here is some good news: you can access the beach from neighboring Firiplaka, kayaking for about 15 minutes.


[31.6 km from Domus Litus in the western part of the island]

This is an inaccessible and secluded beach for... wannabe Robinson Crusoes, accessible by dirt road. The creek is small and windless [unless westerly winds blow] with a large white sandy beach, a few tamarisk trees, and turquoise, shallow waters. As it is not organized, you should bring with you water, an umbrella & the necessities of the beach!


[17.7 km from Domus Litus, in the southeastern part of the island]

Agia Kyriaki beach is top-rated, just 9 km from the port of Adamas. It is a large sandy beach, about 600 m. long, which combines the deep blue and clear waters that gradually deepen, with white pebbles and tamarisk trees offering some shade and coolness. It is protected from the “meltemia” (the famous Aegean winds), and, in summer, is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while there are two taverns for fresh fish and seafood & a beach bar for drinks and snacks. At the same time, you can enjoy water sports, canoeing, and pedal boating during the summer months. Lovers of masked swimming and underwater photography find their own paradise here.


[18.9 km from Domus Litus, in the southeastern part of the island]

Not one but three beaches, protected from the winds, impress with the rich geological rocks of volcanic origin that create impressive alternations of colors brown, red, yellow, white, gray but also with the hot springs of sulfur that gush in some places. One of the three beaches - the main one - is organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars, but also taverns almost on the sea. To the left and right, the other two are quieter, surrounded by rocks, but just as beautiful. The waters are clear and change color depending on the time of day due to the shade of the rocks surrounding them. Coarse sand and small colorful pebbles dominate, while the waters are pretty deep, crystalline, and clear.


[17.2 km from Domus Litus, in the southern part of the island]

The coastal settlement has a top-rated beach, which is characterized as family, as it has soft, golden-red sand and shallow waters, safe for swimming with children. The small bay has a central sandy beach with organized services, umbrellas, sunbeds, and taverns, while at its edges, on one the side rise rocks, and on the other, you will discover a sequence of small caves. It is, in general, a very calm place, without high waves or strong winds, while the crystal clear waters of Provatas have been winning a Blue Flag for several years.